Paragraph : Democracy and Autocracy

Democracy and Autocracy

There are two types of government in the modern world. They are the democratic government and the autocratic government. Both these types of government have some merits and demerits. In a democratic system of government public opinion is clearly reflected. The people elect the government of the country. Abraham Lincoln defines democracy as the government of the people by the people and for the people. On the contrary, an autocratic government has no relation to the people of the country. In this system, the government comes to power by disregarding public opinion. In a democratic system, people are the source of all power. They elect a new government according to their needs. So the government has no chance to be despotic. Conversely, in an autocratic system, the government is the source of all power. Public opinion is shamelessly ignored. In a democratic system, if most of the people are illiterate and ignorant, skilled government is not established. So it is said that democracy is the rule of the ignorant people. On the other hand, if a despotic government is honest and ideal, the people can be more benefited and the country can reach the highest point of prosperity, Thus we see that both democracy and autocracy are quite different from each other.
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