Paragraph : Family Planning

Family Planning

The population of this world is increasing day by day. For some countries like China, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Japan this increase has reached the highest level. In such countries, the exciting land area and natural resources have become quite insufficient for the big population. Consequently, such countries have to consider ways to limit their population to certain level. In the past, the healthcare system was not so good as it is now. As a result, country regularly decreased drastically by different epidemics and incurable diseases. But thanks to the improved healthcare facilities and scientific inventions that diseases cannot cause such havoc in the modern world. Besides, with the development of science and information systems, the severity of natural calamities is also quite under control. These factors have contributed towards a steady increase in world population and have made it necessary to control the human population by people themselves. Hence, we should say that every household should adopt family planning measures and should take no more than two children.
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