Paragraph : Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment or death penalty is a controversial matter of the present time. It is a matter of debate whether capital punishment or death penalty should be allowed in modern societies. Many countries have already withdrawn death considered an essential part of Justice in many countries. There are some strong reasons in favour of capital punishment. First of all, there is some offence that crosses the border of forgiveness or of our society and requires the utmost punishment. Secondly, if heinous crimes like murder, rape, arson and genocide are allowed in our society and we show mercy to the perpetrators of such crimes by sparing them from death sentence, the wrongdoers will be encouraged to commit such crimes even more. Then crimes of those kinds will go out of control. Thirdly, forgiveness should only go to somebody who deserves it. Showing forgiveness to a person who does not have any respect for other people's life or rights means encouraging a criminal and conniving in his action. At last, crime has a contagious pattern. In many cases, the magnitude of committing crime only increase for somebody. Such criminals are not correctable in any way. Death sentence is the only option for them.
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