Paragraph : For Animal Rights

For Animal Rights

Animals have been used by humans from time immemorial. People use them for different purposes such as food, means of transport guard, means of transaction and other causes. Animals, in fact, have been an integral part of human civilization. But often we do not remember that they are also living beings and have feelings like us. They can get hurt due to our ill-treatment and we have a responsibility to look after their well being. For example, animals have been recently used in different experiments in the laboratories. Such experiments are sometimes very painful. They have many side effects. But, these experiments save the human kind from a lot of troubles and suffering. People who oppose using animals for the benefit of humans how some cogent reasons. One of the points of opposition is the use of animals as meat for food. From the prehistoric ages, men are using animals as meat. They make an essential part of human food. It is like the act of beasts. In wilderness, one animal eats another for food. Moreover, we can easily avoid eating meat. There are a lot of people on earth who are herbivorous, that is vegetarian. This does not pit any negative influence on their healthy and sound living. If we try, we can save animals from being killed for our food. We can also avoid using animals in laboratories. Scientific research and methodology have improved greatly over the years. Now, with the help of tissue culture and genetic Engineering most experiments can be carried out without using animals. We can also find that using animals as transport and for cultivation has already become obsolete in most of countries and can easily be replaced with vehicles and machines where such practices still exist. Hence, the use of animals for human causes at the expense of suffering for animals should be avoided wherever possible.
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