Composition : The Elephant

The Elephant

There are many animals on earth- some are big in size, some are mediocre (মাঝারি) and some are small. Of all the animals on land the elephant is the largest.

The elephant has a big body with no hair on it. Its eyes are small. Its head is also small. Its ears are large. It has four legs. They look like pillars. It has a long trunk. It looks like a pipe. It takes food with the help of the trunk. The male elephant has two white tusks. It is of ash colour.

Elephants are found in the forests of India, Africa, Burma and Bangladesh. We have elephants in the forest of Rangamati. In the forest of Burma there are white elephants.

The elephant lives on grass, vegetables, leaves, branches of trees etc. It is very fond of plantain trees (কলাগাছ), sugar-canes (ইক্ষু) and green coconuts.

Elephants live in herds in the forest. They are caught by means of 'kheda' and are tamed. Tamed elephants are gentle. They are obedient to their masters. Their power of hearing is keen. They are very intelligent. They can work or show nice tricks according to the direction of their masters.

Elephants carry heavy loads. They are used in circus. In early days they were used in the battle fields. They are used by hunters to kill tigers. Many costly things like buttons. combs and other fancy goods are made of their tusks and bones. Even the dead bodies of the elephants are sold at a high price.

The elephant is a useful animal. We should try to preserve it.

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The elephant is the largest of all animals on land. The elephant has four legs. It has a long trunk that does the work of the hand and nose. It has two white tusks on both sides of its trunk. Its head is large and round but its eyes are very small and the neck is short. It has two ears which are like big fans. It has a short tail with a tuft of hair at the end.

It is generally of ash colour and its skin is rough and hard. It is about ten feet high. The female elephant has no tusk. The elephant has no hair on its body.

Elephants are herbivorous. They eat grass, grain, branches of trees, and fruits. They are fond of banana trees and sugarcane.

Elephants are found in many countries of the world. They are mostly found in Africa and Asia. They live in the forests. There are elephants in the forests of India, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Africa.

Elephants are one of the longest-lived animals with an average lifespan of around 5-70 years. But, the oldest elephant to ever live passed away at the age of 86 years.

They are quite obedient. Usually, the female elephants live in groups but the male ones prefer solitary living. This wild animal has a great learning capacity. 

Elephants are capable of quite strong emotions. These creatures have earned the respect of the people of Africa that share the landscape with them. This gives them a great cultural significance. Elephants are tourism magnets for mankind. They also play a great role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems.

Elephants are also significant for wildlife. They dig for water in the dry season with their tusks. It helps them survive the dry environment and droughts and also helps other animals to survive.

The elephants of the forest create gaps in the vegetation while eating. The gaps were created to enable the growth of new plants as well as pathways for smaller animals. This method also helps in the dispersal of seeds by trees.

People ride on elephants. Hunters ride on their backs and hunt tigers. In the past elephants were used in war. Elephants also carry heavy things. Many valuable things are made of their bones and tusks. Elephants are of great importance to the earth and mankind. We must protect them to not create an imbalance in nature’s cycle.

Elephants have found their way on the list of endangered species. Selfish human activities have caused this endangerment. One of the biggest reasons for their endangerment is the illegal killing of elephants. As their body parts are very profitable, humans kill them off for their skin, bones, tusks, and more.

We must educate the public about the importance of elephants. Conservation efforts must be taken aggressively to protect them. Poachers must be arrested to stop the killing of endangered species.
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