Composition : The Goat

The Goat

There are many pet animals in the country. The goat is one of them. The goat is a domestic animal. It is found almost all over the country.

There are many kinds of goats in the country. They differ in size and colour. The Black Bengal, the Kashmiri, the Tibet, the Patnaia etc. are found in the country. The Black Bengal is the best and common of them.

The goat has four slender (শরু) legs, a short head and a short neck. It has two curved (বাঁকা) horns. Its hoofs are divided like the cow. Its body is covered (ঢাকা) with short and soft hair. Most of the goats have beards (দাড়ি) under their chins (চিবুক). It has a long tongue (জিহ্বা) and a short tail. Generally, it is small in size. The goat can be easily tamed (সহজে পোষ মানে). Generally, it feeds on (খেয়ে বাঁচে) grass. It is fond of tender (কচি) leaves of trees. The goat births two or four kids at a time.

The goat is a very useful animal. The meat (মাংস) of the goat is good and largely taken (অনেকেই খায়). Its milk is very nutritious (পুষ্টিকর). It is very useful to the children. Bags, shoes etc. are made from its leather (চামড়া). Knife-handles (ছুরির বাট) and buttons (বোতাম) are made from its horns. Candles(মোমবাতি)are also made from its fat (চর্বি).

The goat is a harmless (নিরীহ) animal. It is very useful to us. We should take care of it very much.
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