Paragraph : The Camel

The Camel

The camel is a large animal. But it is smaller than the elephant in size. It is a domestic animal. There are two kinds of camels. One has two humps (কুজ) on its back. It is called the Bactrian camel. The other has one hump; it is called the Arabian camel. The camel is found in Asia and Africa. It is a common animal in Arabia. The camel lives on grass and leaves of trees. It is very fond of the leaves of the date trees. The camel can go on a long time with a very little food or drink. The camel has a big body with a long neck. Its head is small in comparison to its body. It has hoofs with its legs. The hoofs are divided. There are pads under its hoofs. So the hoofs of the camel do not sink under the sands of the desert. Its body is covered with brown (ধূসর বর্ণের) fur. The camel has cells in its stomach to store up water for many days. The camel is not beautiful to look at. It looks ugly. The camel is a gentle animal. It is very strong and active. It can go on working day after day without getting tired. We cross the sea with the help of the ship. The people of the desert countries cross the desert with the help of the camel. So it is called 'the ship of the desert'. The camel loves its master. The master loves it too. It is very useful to the people of desert countries.

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