Paragraph : Early Marriage in Bangladesh

Early Marriage in Bangladesh

Early marriage means getting married before becoming mature. In our country, early marriage is seen everywhere, especially in the villages. Most of the people in our country are illiterate. As a result, they do things or take decisions without thinking of the consequences. The guardians in the villages do not think much. They think that daughters should be married off as soon as possible because they consider them as burdens upon their shoulders. Besides, poverty forces them to look for husbands for their daughters. But after marriage, when a tender aged girl becomes pregnant, it creates various problems. They even die while giving birth to babies. Those who survive, become weak and suffer from malnutrition. The newly born babies suffer from physical and mental problems. So, we should start a campaign to make people understand that a girl is not a burden on them. She can also help the family if she is educated. We should make the parents conscious of the harmful effects of early marriage and convince them to stop early marriage.


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