Paragraph : Acid Violence / Acid Throwing

Acid Violence / Acid Throwing

Acid violence is one of the most heinous crimes of modern civilisation. Nowadays, it has become a common phenomenon in our society. This crime is caused by a few miscreants. In our male-dominated society, women are the worst victims of this violence. From our social point of view, they are thought to have no right to reject any offer or proposal made by man. If she rejects, she has to face serious consequences. If a bride's parents delay paying the dowry, she has to tolerate severe torture and it turns to acid throwing and even to death. Sometimes this crime occurs also because of personal conflict, social causes, family affairs etc. This problem makes the parents anxious about their growing-up girls. The affected girls also lead a fearful life and sometimes lose their mental balance. I have a bitter experience of seeing such a girl who has recently been affected by acid violence. Acid throwing may totally change the life of an affected person. So, we should take a defence against this heinous crime. This crime can be prevented if we all become conscious and follow some preventive and effective measures. First, the girls or women themselves should be careful. The law-enforcing agency should be strict in enforcing the laws. Besides these, the affected persons should be treated properly, and for this, government's initiatives should be strengthened. To curb acid violence, government has become determined to give death sentences to the acid throwers. Actually, our sincere and united steps can prevent this unsociable and heinous crime.
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