Paragraph : Good Citizen

Good Citizen

A good citizen is one who properly fulfils his role as a citizen by following the rules of his state. The role of a good citizen is to contribute positively to society by living a good life with consciousness and knowledge. The behaviour of a good citizen must be good, and he should work for the welfare of the nation. To be a good citizen, one has to prepare oneself to do good work in society. Firstly, one needs knowledge. Today's society is knowledge-based. Without knowing modern sciences, technologies including ICT and other necessary subjects, one will have difficulty living a good life. As a good citizen, one should have knowledge about his/her country, history, cultures, all and traditions. Secondly, one needs skills to do things. Knowledge is not enough. One must be able to apply his/her knowledge to do things practically. Finally, knowing and doing things will bring about a change in his/her behaviour towards others. This behavioural change will show his/her attitudes towards others, that is, it will show how one thinks and feels about a person or thing. A good citizen is very important to make a peaceful society. A good citizen is respected by all in the society. We all should try to be a good citizens. I think student life is the best time to sow the seed of becoming a good citizen as it is the best time to nourish human qualities. They should educate themselves to do their part well. As a student, I always try to be a good citizen.
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