Composition : Contribution of Young People to the Development of the Country

Contribution of Young People to the Development of the Country

Youths are the future leaders of a country. They are the strength because they are young and energetic with full of verve and vitality. They are talented and have shock-absorbing capacity. They are poised to brighten the image of Bangladesh abroad. Youths of today are the vanguard of the country in terms of education, service, economy, business, entrepreneurial adventures, etc. Employment generation and engagement of our youths to actively participate in nation-building are imperative.

Youths are the future labour force of the country. As Bangladesh is a new nation, the major portion of its total population is youths. They are contributing to the country's overall socio-economic development in many ways. Ours is an agro-based country. Millions of youths are engaged in this sector to help build Bangladesh self-dependent in food security.

They have a major contribution to building social awareness against any anti-social activities. They raise as well as promote awareness of various social malaises, including dowry, domestic violence, acid throwing or early marriage. They make their local community aware of wrongdoings. With their participation, fighting malignant diseases like Aids is possible. They can help tackle terrorism and cross-border gun-running businesses and illegal trafficking. Youths are the main agents for social change. They are the development partners of the country. It is they who have to take the helm of the country in future. In natural disasters, they always stand beside the affected and endangered humanity, distribute relief and build shelter centres.

The youth community can easily be turned into human resources through proper planning. They can help the government build a poverty-free digital Bangladesh by 2021. Trapped in a vice of poverty, young people are deprived of access to opportunities that could contribute not only to their own development but also to that of the societies in which they are used to live in. Given the current economic slowdown and social disequilibrium, youth unemployment assumes more ominous proportions around the world. In view of the stagnating economic signs, finding jobs for young people becomes increasingly difficult.

The government must set a specific guideline that will serve as a conceptual framework for youth. Our youths are going from bad to worse day by day because of the defective policies adopted by our political leaders. They are often misguided by terrorism and they are no longer in the flush of youth. The youth of today are our best asset. They can do any work if they are provided with sufficient facilities.
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