Composition : Modern Civilization is the Gift of Science

Modern Civilization is the Gift of Science

We are living in modern civilization. All the elements that have made our civilization modern are the invention of science. So, I agree with the statement that modern civilization is the gift of science. Modern people cannot pass a single day without the help of scientific tools and machines.

Whatever we perform from morning till we go to bed. we use tools made by science. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. Information technology has added a new speed to our communication. Internet. fax, telex etc have made our communication easier. Computer is one of the greatest inventions of science. Saving documents and files, drafting them, printing pictures, watching movies, television etc. can be done by computer. It can save valuable records and uncountable official documents and reports.

Mobile phone is another important invention of modern science. Besides communicating with others it can be used in watching movies, enjoying audio songs, making calculations, knowing time and date etc. Because of having no wire and for its small size it is very easy to carry. Besides, satellite channel has introduced us with different countries, cultures. international affairs and sports.

The invention of plane, bus, truck and other vehicles. has developed our communication sectors. They have also spread our trade and commerce. Besides. due to the blessing of science the rate of death has decreased, man can lead a sound life.

Like everything, it has also some demerits. The invention of deadly weapons and their use in battle and war causes innumerable destruction of life and property. The misuse of internet and mobile phones causes many unlawful and immoral activities.

In spite of having some demerits, we cannot contradict the helpful contribution of science in this modern age. If we treat science in proper way, it will be a great blessing for our modern civilization.
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