Composition : Only Money cannot Make You Rich

Only Money cannot Make You Rich

Money plays a vital role in fulfilling our needs. People having a lot of money can enjoy life fully. Those who have a lot of money are known to be rich people. In other words, it is a general notion that only money can make a person rich. But this notion is not right.

Money cannot make a man rich in the true sense of the term. There are many other things that can make people rich. Education, genius, patriotism, love for humanity, greatness of heart and service towards mankind make a person rich in the true sense of the term. A moneyed person may come to others' use or not. But a person enriched by education, genius, etc. obviously will come to others' use. A man enriched by education, genius, patriotism, etc. is like a light that enlightens society, the nation, and above all, the world.

A man enriched by education and genius comes to great help to the people of the world. The modern civilisation we live in today, the knowledge we acquire today, the medicine we use to cure diseases have been possible only for the genius and educated people of the world. Men like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Newton and Einstein have enlightened the world with their power of knowledge and with genius. The various branches of knowledge are their greatest contribution. We shall never forget Shakespeare, Byron, Nazrul and Rabindranath at all. Unless they toiled using their literary genius, literature would not have been so rich as it is today. Therefore, they are the truly rich people of the world.

Patriotism, love for humanity, greatness of heart etc. also make people richer than money does. True patriots never die. The martyrs of our Liberation War will never be forgotten by us. Their names will always be written in golden letters in the history of the nation. Never will the people of the world forget Florence Nightingale, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Hellen Keller and other prominent figures of the world. They won the love of the world's people through their great service to humanity and love for mankind. Again people will always remember the name of the Great Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) for his greatness of heart.

We observe that many moneyed persons are selfish. Their money is of no use to others. But the people enriched by other things are concerned with the interest of general people and the distressed humanity. Therefore, we can say that money can make a person rich but many other things can make a person richer.
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