Composition : A Tea Stall

A Tea Stall

There are some popular small shops on the road-side in our country. A tea stall is one of them. A tea stall is a small shop where prepared tea is sold.

In other words, a tea stall is a road-side shop where ready tea and snacks are sold for common people. Tea is a popular drink. It removes our tiredness and makes us fresh. Usually, tea, biscuits, banana, betel leaf, cigarettes and cakes are sold here in a tea stall.

In a tea stall tea is served in exchange for money. It is a very common sight in both villages and towns in our country.

It is found everywhere. It is available not only in towns but also in a village market. It usually sits in a crowded place. It is found in a marke-place, a squire, a bus stand, a railway station and near schools and colleges.

It opens/is opened early in the morning and closes/cl very late at night. In some important places, a tea stall remains open round the clock.

It is a crowded place. All sorts of customers come here. People come here, sit on the bench or chair, take tea and gossip.

It is a meeting place for different people.

Political people and unemployed people come here and gossip forgetting time. They talk about different issues.

Sometimes they raise a storm over a cup of tea. So, it is called a 'Mini Sangsad.' Though some tea stalls are well-furnished, most of them are poorly furnished.

It generally has wooden chairs, tables, benches, cash counter, an earthen Chula or stove, two or three kettles and some cups.

Some tea stalls have fridges. Some tea stalls also have a television set to entertain the customers.

In a tea stall, there are usually two people to manage and run it. One is grown-up who prepares tea and takes money from the customers and the other is a young boy who serves tea to the customers.

A boy works as an assistant in a tea stall. He helps to serve tea and cleans cups. The owner of the stall handles the stall. He keeps a boy or boys to serve tea to the customers.

He is well-behaved. The sweet smile between his lips attracts everyone.

In a city tea stall, the owner and the assistants are nicely dressed but it is opposite in a village tea stall. Some of the tea stalls are very dirty and unhygienic. Sometimes rotten foods are also sold here which are very harmful.

After all, a tea stall is a useful place for all classes of people. It is vital part of our daily life.


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