Composition : Technical Education

Technical Education

Education is the backbone of a nation. Nowadays, technical education is the main concept to improve our basic education. Education is to train the young men and women of a country so that they may be able to guide their nation easily in the light of their ideals when they begin a full life. But the system of education in our country is faulty. In does not aim at this practical aspect, because it is for the most part academic, theoretical and bookish. It fails to turn them into a confident and self-directing man. So, when he enters the practical life at the close of academic career, he faces the problems and complexities of the world. He is to depend upon others as his guides in the wide sea of life. The university degree does not make him capable of learning enough to earn the livelihood. Such educated unemployed or ill-employed citizens, really worsen the problem of unemployment in a free state.

Vocational education aims at making a person fit for a particular vocation in life by imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge. The object is to provide the young learners with a sure foothold in the battle of life.

With this end in view, the educational system in our country should be replanned and readjusted to the need of the society. It should make provision for the technical institutions where such pupils as are found unsuitable for general education may have a bread earning education without being unnecessary burdens of the country.
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