Composition : Say ‘Yes’ for Children

Say ‘Yes’ for Children

UNICEF has launched ‘Say Yes For Children’ recently. More than 84 million people have supported this campaign. This campaign was launched in 160 countries including Bangladesh. UNICEF has set 10 principles. “Educate Every Child” has topped the list of their 10 principles. The nine other principles are- Leave No Child Out, Put Children First, Care for Every Child, Fight HIV/AIDS, Stop Harming and Exploiting Children, Listen to Children, Protect Children from War, Protect the Earth for Children, Fight Poverty: Invest in Children.

Children are being exploited and abused all over the world. Child repression is increasing at an alarming rate. Violence and exploitation of children have led UNICEF to raise a strong voice. Protection of children has finally made its way on to the global agenda. Poverty leads children to work. There are five categories of poverty that influence child labour. These are economic poverty, geographical poverty, social poverty, cultural poverty and political poverty. Natural disasters, rapid growth of population, lack of child-care facilities and war contribute to the growth of child labour.

The campaign ‘Say Yes For Children’ has gained political and popular support in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, three calls have received the topmost priorities. These are Educate Every Child, Stop Harming and Exploiting Children, Care For Every Child. The government is determined to root out violence and exploitation of children. It has also upheld strict policy to make sure that criminal activities against children are curbed.
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