Paragraph : A Launch Ghat

A Launch Ghat

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. A large number of our people have to travel by aquatic transports. Launches and streamers fall within this category of aquatic conveyance. There are places on the water-routes where these vehicles stop to take and leave passengers and cargoes. These are known as launch ghats or steamer ghats. A launch ghat is generally a landmark on the bank of a big river. It has a terminal building and a pier as well as other necessary establishments and installations to facilitate the arrival and departure of launches and steamers. A launch ghat is a very crowded place. The passengers, the kulies, the hawkers, the beggars, and the pick-pockets make there a big gathering. The hooting of the vessels, the columns of smoke emitted by the engines, the obnoxious smell of the burnt fuel-oil are some of the conditions that make the place disquieting. The vessels come and go day and night and keep it busy round the clock. Considering the importance of launch ghats all measures should be taken to improve their general conditions.
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