Paragraph : A Bus Stand / A Bus Stop

A Bus Stand / A Bus Stop

Buses carry people up and down the streets, roads, and highways. They stop at different places on their routes to take and leave the passengers. These places of their stoppage are known as bus stands or bus stops. A bus stand is usually a place of great din and bustle. Buses arrive and depart and, in the process, give rise to a hue and cry. The jostlings of passengers, the cries of hawkers, the approach of beggars, the altercations between the conductors and passengers are some of the disgusting features of a bus stand. Besides the hooting of horns, the roars of engines and the obnoxious smell of smoke make the place very uncomfortable. At some bus stands, however, there are sheds for passengers to wait. These sheds also accommodate snack-shops, tea-stalls and even shops of books, journals, magazines, steps should be taken to improve the general conditions in bus stands in the interest of the travelling public.
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