Paragraph : ATM Card

ATM Card

ATM card is an important media of money exchange. ATM means Automated Teller Machine. The terms and condition of ATM Card are stated in the agreement relating to the availability of cash withdrawal and other electronic payment services. The bank may issue a card if he or she maintains an account at any of its branches. The bank reserves the right to refuse an application for the issuance or renewal of a card. It separate cards are issued to holders of a joint account then each cardholder shall be jointly and personally liable to the bank. The card is the property of the bank and must be returned to the bank. The card is to be used solely by the cardholder. It must not be transferred or pledged as security under any circumstances. It is very risky to take a large amount of money from one place to another. ATM card enables a bank client to avoid the risk of carrying cash. The function of this card is to act as an alternative to money.
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