Paragraph : Aims of Education

Aims of Education

The aim of education is to make a full and happy man. To achieve the purpose cultivation and development of the latent faculties of man are necessary. But man has a body and a mind. So education should aim at the development of both of them. The human brain has enormous capacities and education should aim at creating atmosphere and opportunities for developing those faculties. The brain cannot work properly in a diseased body. So the aim of education should be to create a healthy mind in a healthy body. And this can alone make a complete and happy man. So a complete system of education should include liberal, technical and physical education. The liberal studies like literature, history, philosophy, and the physical sciences broaden his mind. Technical education enables him to conquer the forces of nature and helps him to earn a living. The physical education gives him a good healthy body. Thus the aim of education should be to produce a complete enlightened man useful to society and humanity at large.
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