Paragraph : A Winter Morning

A Winter Morning

↬ A Foggy Winter Morning

A winter morning is cold and dismal and is covered with mist. Everything seems hazy. One can hardly see and identify things at a distance. The grasses below are wet with dew and sparkle like pearls in the sunbeams. People in warm clothes to keep themselves warm look strange. The old people shiver in cold. People gather straw and make fires at different places to bask in the heat. Then the sun peeps over the eastern horizon and starts rising. Nature takes on a charming aspect. The touch of the sun-rays makes the birds and beasts quite happy. Farmers go to the fields and begin their day’s work. With the advancing sun, people shirk off the feeling of cold and set about their usual course of work. Then the scene of mist and fog disappears and the sunny morning paves the way for man’s daily duties.

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Winter is the season of cold. The cold is biting in the morning. So many people do not like to get up early in the morning. They keep within doors till the sun rays enter into their rooms. The early-risers put on warm wrapper to keep off the cold. Yet they shiver from head to foot. Some of them make fires and sit around them to warm their bodies. A foggy winter morning is disliked by all. Grass remains hidden with dense fog. In a clear and fine winter morning dew-drops glitter in the sun. A cup of hot tea is very enjoyable and refreshing in a winter morning.

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A winter morning is misty and cold. There is dense fog everywhere. Sometimes the fog is so dense that the sun-rays cannot get through it. Everything looks hazy. Things at distance can hardly be seen. The seems to rise late. Children and old people suffer from the pinching cold of the morning. Dewdrops full at night and when the morning sun peeps, they look like glittering pearls on grasses and plants. Farmers go to the fields with their cows and ploughs. Children and old people gather straw and make fires to warm themselves. The old people bask in sun. Then people like to eat Chira, Muri, Khai and various kinds of cakes. The sun goes up, fog melts away and people go to their respective duties.

Same paragraph collected from another book

Winter morning is a morning in the winter season. In a winter morning, the sun becomes a late riser. Sunlight falls on the dew-drops on the grass and leaves sparkle like pearls. Nature becomes droopy and fog blankets her Everything looks hazy. Cold wave runs all over. Life seems very numb. People become very lazy and drowsy and link to remain under blanket. They form the habit of basking in the sun. The villagers and the poor people gather straw and burn fires to warm themselves. Winter-breakfast has a special attraction and taste. It offers various kinds of pitha, gur, muri, khai, moa, etc. Date-juice is the popular drink of the time. The morning spell slowly ends as the sun goes up. The winter morning brings joy as well as distress to us. The haves enjoy it while the have-nots, suffer a lot. Despite pains, a winter morning is comfortable and enjoyable. So, I like it very much.
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