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Paragraph : A Hartal Day

A Hartal Day

A hartal day is a symbol of non-violent protest. Generally, a hartal day is observed to compel some authority to fulfil some demands. When dissatisfaction grows among a group of people or political parties, hartal becomes a way to show that. Nowadays, it has become very frequent. Recently we have experienced a lot of it. Hartal may be called on various issues. On a hartal day, people normally stay at home. But the government servants have to attend their offices. During hartal motor-vehicles do not run on roads, people move on foot and sometimes rickshaws are permitted to ply on roads. Private firms, mills, and factories remain closed. On a hartal day, young people play different games on the highways, some enjoy watching satellite TV program, some complete their extra work. However, it is true that hartal is very harmful to a country. But it, at times, solves problems. So it should be observed within some limit.

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