Paragraph : A Street Beggar

A Street Beggar

A street beggar is the poorest fellow on earth. With a bowl in hand or a bag hanging from his shoulder, he begs from person to person. He tries to rouse our pity by describing loudly his tale of sorrows and the great virtue of giving alms. Some people being compassionate (kind) give him a coin but people generally feel disturbed at his loud pitiful cries. But he complains against none. Some beggars stand or sit on the footpath and beg by singing or uttering a few words. In the urban areas, the street beggar has no permanent house of his own. He lives in the veranda of some public building or in the market-place. But in the rural areas, he possesses a small dilapidated hut. He is the humblest person in the society. He is physically weak and often crippled, blind or very old. He lives on the mercy of others, so he has no prestige. The only aim of his life is to get a meal and if he gets it he is happy. We should be kind and sympathetic to the street beggar as he has none of support him.

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A street beggar is a person who begs in streets. We often see street beggars around us. He is seen almost everywhere in towns and cities. He is usually an old, blind, crippled or disabled person. He wears often torn or patched clothes. Sometime, he is lonesome and sometime he is accompanied by other person or beggars. He usually has a plate in his hand which he extends towards passers-by. Sometimes, he sings religious songs or verses to draw the attention of the passers-by. Street beggars are usually poor fellows suffering from some acute diseases. They sometimes draw our sympathy by showing their diseases and helplessness. Whenever a passer-by offers a coin or taka, he gladly prays for his welfare. Sometimes, a beggar earns much. He is a disgrace to the society. However, he can try a better profession if he gets some financial help. Although hardship is a constant companion of his family, he continues begging and he shows nosing to give it up. In fine, the government should take some rehabilitation programmes for these poor people so that they can shun begging and lead a dignified life.
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