Paragraph : The Fox Without a Tail

The Fox Without a Tail

Once upon a time, there lived a very clever fox. He lived in a jungle in a very hot county just like Bangladesh. One day, When Mr Fox was walking through the jungle, he fell into a trap. He landed on his tail. When he got out of the trap, he left his tail behind. Without his tail, Mr Fox looked very strange and he felt very sad and ashamed. He cried and cried. But Mr Fox was very clever. He thought and thought. Mr Fox had a good idea, so he made a plan. He arranges a meeting in the jungle. When the foxes knew about the meeting, they came quickly. When Mr Fox saw all the foxes there, he felt very important and pleased. He invites them to cut their tails, because if the cut their tails they will look beautiful and it is not needed, in fact, it’s useless. It looks ugly and dirty. A fox was wise of them. He understood this. He told others that the fox is foolish, when cutting off tail it looks strange and foolish. In fact, it was a foolish idea because they will look just like Mr Fox. Mr Fox felt very ashamed and ran away. Mr Fox is very clever, but not wise.
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