Paragraph : The House I Live in

The House I Live in

Man makes house in order to live a safe and sound life. Not only human beings but also animals and birds create their own house. As a human being, I also live in a house with our family in semi-pacca house. We have three bedrooms, one drawing room and one dining room in our house. My parents live in the master bed. My elder two brothers use the other room as their bed and reading room. I along live in a beautiful room. It is also my bed and reading room. Our drawing room is well-decorated. There is a well-furnished common toilet beside the drawing-room. Our house has water supply, electricity, and gas. The house faces the east. So light and fresh air can easily enter into it. Since our house is in the centre of Chittagong city. We are lucky about that. We always try to keep our house neat and clean. Our house is quite free from the unexpected disturbance. of naughty children and animals. There is also a calling bell in front of the main gate. We let any stranger enter the house knowing his identity. We are really happy living in our house. Such a good house with a good location is hardly found.
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