Paragraph : An English Class

An English Class

An English class is very important. Most of the students in our country are weak in English. So English is very important to them. Though a small number of students are present in other classes, English class is overcrowded. It is a good sign that the students are conscious of their weakness and try to improve their ability. Though the students attend English classes regularly why do they fail in this subject? As the English class is overcrowded the students cannot attentively listen to the teachers. So they cannot have a clear conception of the subject. An English class is also very interesting. When the teacher teaches an English story or novel the students are spellbound. An English class becomes more interesting according to the teaching method of the teacher. In our villages, an English class is much more important than any other class. The students are very eager to attend the English classes but they do not have enough opportunity. Adequate facilities should be provided in our educational institutions for English classes.
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