Paragraph : An Election Day

An Election Day

To vote is our democratic right and the election day is the day on which we exercise that right. Usually, we go for election after five years unless the ruling government loses the majority in parliament or happens to fall on public demand and unrest. On our last election day, we exercised our right to chose our representatives. It was a public holiday. Election started from 8 o’clock in the morning. People were moving towards their respective polling centres by different transports. I was a voter and I started for the centre at around 10 a.m. to cast my vote. There I watched excited faces of the voters wearing badges and putting on caps on their heads. I found a long queue at the polling centre. There were different lines for male and female voters. Inside the room, there were the polling officer and his assistants. After checking the identity they gave ballot paper to me. Inside the booth, I put a mark in the ballot paper against the name of my chosen candidate and put it in the ballot box. Police and administrative people were performing their duty very strictly there. Then I left the centre. At 11 p.m. I could know that my candidate was successful at the election and my joys knew no bounds.
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