Paragraph : Anger / Anger is Man’s Worst Enemy

Anger / Anger is Man’s Worst Enemy

Rationality and animality are the two inner qualities of all human beings. We can perceive these inner qualities according to a man’s action. Anger belongs to the animal qualities of a human being. Anger is the great enemy of a man of a woman. An angry man is a madman and like a madman, he can do anything. Being angry sometimes we perform many ruinous and nefarious deeds. But when we come to since we feel sorry for our deeds. When anger engulfs a man it engulfs the senses in him and enslaves him to perform any heinous deed. Anger sometimes breaks the deep relationship between one another. It makes our friends into our foe and turns the sweet relation to a bitter one. Thus we perceive that anger does great harm to us. A man who can control his anger can prevent himself from many ruinous deeds. Islam says, “The man who wins the fight is not the stronger but he who controls his anger when he is angry, is the stronger.” Anger is our great enemy. We should control it. Almost every religion tells about the bad effects of anger. So we should avoid anger and lead our lives in the way which is directed by our own religion.
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