Paragraph : An Ideal Political Leader

An Ideal Political Leader

In my opinion, Sher-e-Bangla Abul Kasem Fazlul Huq is an ideal political leader. He is regarded as the father of the renaissance of the Muslims of Bengal. He was a born leader. He developed his leadership qualities from his boyhood. He was a great scholar. He could make the people spell-bound by dint of his knowledge and wisdom. He was a good speaker. when he delivered a lecture in public meetings, all people listened to him with rapt attention. He was an ardent upholder of democracy and a great parliamentarian. The contents of his arguments were invincible. He had a good sense of humour also. A. K. Fazlul Huq was a great patron of education. He was a beloved friend of people. The Bengal Tenancy Act was passed at his initiative. This law rescued poor peasants from the oppression f the Hindu Zemindars. The famous “Lahore Resolution” was drafted and moved by him. He was the first Muslim Mayor of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. He was Education Minister and Chief Minister of the then Bengal. During Pakistan Period he was sometime Chief Minister and Governor of East Pakistan and Home Minister of Pakistan. But he always led a very simple life. He was very close to the common people. So common masses loved and respected him as their friend, philosopher, and guide. For these qualities and strong principle, he is an ideal leader undoubtedly. Those who are involved in politics should follow Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq minutely to move in the sphere of political success.

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A leader is someone who leads Generally, by the world 'leader' we understand a political leader. Everybody cannot be a good leader. It is said that a great leader is born, not made. The statement is debatable. But one thing is certain. A great leader must have certain qualities that make him great. And such great qualities rarely develop in a man. It requires proper environment and the call of time. Firstly, a good leader must have the ability to take correct decisions at perfect moments. Secondly, a leader has to be determined. He should have the determination to follow his decision unwavered. Thirdly, a leader must have full command over his followers to follow his decision, he cannot be a successful leader. Fourthly, an ability, A strong, forceful and convincing speech can make people follow him without any doubt. There are many other qualities such as courage, honesty, truthfulness, courtesy, perseverance, good behaviour, moral character, punctuality, patriotism, sacrifice, attitude and so on. To be a great leader a person has to try to acquire these qualities.
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