Paragraph : A Book Fair / Ekushe Boi Mela

A Book Fair

↬ A Book Exhibition

↬ Ekushe Boi Mela

Like various fairs, the book fair is organised to show new books. A book fair is not an exception. So nowadays, it has become a practice to held book fairs in our country too. The important book fair in Bangladesh is generally held in the premises of Bangla Academy. Although book fairs in our country are of recent origin, they are gradually gaining popularity. Book fairs are now held in district towns also. Our Govt. and conscious citizens should take positive steps to make these fairs more popular if we want to thrive as a nation in this competitive world. Book fairs serve two purposes at a time. They create a taste and eagerness for reading while the authors and booksellers get a chance for publicity. Moreover, the readers can collect their chosen copy from a book fair.

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Nowadays book fairs are becoming more and more popular in Bangladesh. These are held in different cities and towns on some special occasions. The tradition originated from the book fairs held at Bangladesh Academy in commemoration of the Language Movement. In a book fair, all the leading publishers set up stalls. Some importers of foreign books also have their own stalls. Islamic Foundation and Bangla Academy open stalls at book fairs. Thus there is a large number of well-decorated and attractive bookstalls in a book fair. At the fairs, people can buy books on tempting commission. The book-fairs thus widen the forum of reading public. Besides books, cassettes of Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, folk songs and of recitation are also put on display for sale. At one corner of a fair, the visitors can find a few stalls that sell snacks mainly traditional Bangladeshi snacks. Book-fairs are a noble venture and it proved a success.

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Books are man’s most trusted, daily friend. To develop one’s inner and outward faculty, the importance of reading books can never be denied. To promote the sale of books, every year, a fair known as “Book Fair” is held. Book fairs are held at many places round the year. But the fair we are talking here is “The Ekushey Boi Mela” held in the Bangla Academy premises in the month of February in the memory off the martyrs for the Language Movement. Every year, many stalls are set there with various old and new books from home and abroad. This year, there were two hundred stalls in the fair. The main purpose is to introduce readers with any newly published books. It usually lasts for a week or a month. It has grown popular with the readers. It has became, in fact, a great attraction for the educated and cultured people. It gives the writer an opportunity to make publicity of their books. It also instils a love of books and develops the habit of buying books. It is usually organised by any organisation like Bangla Academy or the publishing companies. All should buy and read books to be enlightened beings. Only then the book fair will be successful.
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