Paragraph : Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Air is the most essential element for our life and environment without which our existence is impossible, Air pollution means the contamination of this essential air which makes it impossible for us to inhale. Air pollution mainly occurs in the cities and towns, especially in the industrialized ones. A large number of factories are actively responsible for polluting air. Carbon dioxide is the chief cause of air pollution. The burning of trash, diesel and other chemical substance in cars and vehicles produce a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases every day and pollutes air. The cutting and burning down of trees, trash, and the discharge of human waste into the open air also pollute air. For air pollution, we suffer from various diseases such as cancer, bronchitis, heart diseases etc. So in order to prevent pollution, we should plant more trees. We should use CNG instead of petrol and diesel. We should pot throw trash and waste in the open places.

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Due to our ignorance and unconsciousness, we creating air pollution all the time. If we want to look at the causes of this pollution, we find that the factories are firstly responsible for it. Secondly, vehicles are burning petrol and diesel and smoke and fume thus created cause air pollution seriously. Besides, burning of trash and indiscriminate discharge of human waste in the open air also cause serious air pollution. This polluted air causes pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. And the disease-bearing creatures appear before us only for the indiscriminate and improper management of waste. To prevent such air pollution, we should be determined and take positive steps to make our air clean. And thereby, we can ensure a happier and disease-free life.

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Air pollution means the inclusion of unexpected elements as well as prevailing of gases in unbalanced proportion in the air. It takes place by the mixing of dust, fame. Radio-active elements, odor etc. in the air. But the major cause of air pollution is the increase of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas in the air. Air pollution is very prominent in urban areas where the number of automobiles and industries are high. The fume from chimney and automobiles increase the amount of carbon dioxide, lead etc. in the air and thus air pollution takes place. The radio-active explosion causes long-term effect on us by air pollution. Air pollution causes various diseases to us. It affects our livers, lungs, kidneys and causes various cancerous diseases. We should plant more trees to reduce the promotion of carbon dioxide in air and should take all possible steps to reduce air pollution by the combustion of engines and industrial operation.
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