Paragraph : A Day Labour

A Day Labour

A day labourer is a person who does heavy unskilled work. He works outdoors and is usually employed in agricultural and construction work. His work needs strength rather than skill. He works from dawn till dusk for his employer. He is generally paid at the end of the day. His income is very low and sometimes he cannot earn a living wage. He usually lives in a slum in subhuman conditions with his family. He goes out early in the morning to take for work. He works hard the whole day, buys food for his family with his small earning and returns home in the evening. If he can earn more than usual, he buys as much food as he can. Then there is much cooking in his house and he enjoys a nice meal with his family. But if he cannot find work, he does not have enough to eat and sometimes he goes unfed. So our government should take positive steps to ensure jobs and shelter for this poorest section of our population.

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A day labourer is a poor fellow. His life is simple and full of hard word. He works all day long to support himself and his family. He does whatever work he gets. So he has no choice. Every morning he comes out of his house with a spade and a basket. Sometimes he works in the field, in construction projects, digs soil, breaks bricks, etc. At the end of his work, he gets his payment and becomes very happy. He tries to save something form this. But when he gets no work, his life is at stake. So the life of a day labourer is not unmixed happiness. As he is an unskilled labourer his wage is very low, and he lives below the poverty line.


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