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Paragraph : A Birthday Party

A Birthday Party

Nowadays a birthday party has become a part and parcel in our culture. The day in which a man is born is the most important day and incident in his life. That is why a man cannot forget this day and throughout his life, he celebrates this day by inviting his friends and relatives. Many celebrate this by giving a party which is known as a birthday party. Generally, those who are cultured and financially solvent throw a party on this occasion. A birthday party is generally held in the drawing-room of a house. The room is decorated with coloured papers and birthday balloons. On a coloured paper “Happy Birthday” is written down for whom it is being celebrated. Candles are lighted depending on the age of the person. The birthday cake is the central attraction of a birthday party. Various snacks are served at a birthday party. Generally, a birthday party is given in the afternoon in a homely atmosphere. A birthday party is very enjoyable.

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