Paragraph : Advertisement on TV

Advertisement on TV

Advertisement on television plays an important role in the present manner of marketing. Advertisement means making something known and familiar among the people. With the development of science, the stream of advertisement has also been changed. In the past, a canvasser spoke highly of his products in the hat or bazaar as well as present as an act of advertising. Newspaper and radio are important means of advertisement. Nowadays television has become the most popular medium of advertisement. In the television, we do not watch only the advertisement for our local products advertisement but also the advertisements of foreign products by virtue of satellite technology. The people from one corner of the world are getting familiar with products of another corner of the world. In television advertisements, we can see many famous artists, players, and intellectuals as playing the role of models. In fact, in the present competitive world advertisement has no alternative but something many people are being deceived by the pompous advertisement on television. Authorities concerned should take care in order that deceptive advertisements are not displayed on the television screen.
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