Paragraph : Admission into Universities of Bangladesh

Admission into Universities of Bangladesh

To get oneself admitted to universities, the highest seats of education, in Bangladesh is a matter of great opportunity and at the same time a very competitive and hard job. Every year public and private universities enrol students in their universities. After completion of higher secondary certificate examination, thousands of bright students dream to take admission to universities, especially into public ones. The number of seats in the public universities in comparison with the applicants is very poor and most of the brighter students always prefer public universities to private ones, and hence the admission test to sort out the best-fitted students, the university authority sets a point of minimum marks or grade point average (GPA) as minimum qualification to apply for admission. Then the students are to go through an admission test. The marks or GPA obtained in SSC and HSC in counted with the admission test score all well. Then the authority shortlists the students based on their performance, and only high scorers against the seats are selected for enrolment. The students left out try to get themselves admitted to private universities which are very expensive. Those, who cannot afford the high expenditure, opt for government colleges offering graduation courses under the National University. They also need to appear at the admission test.
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