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AIDS (also Aids) is the abbreviation for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which is a serious disease caused by a virus called HIV. It destroys the body’s natural protection from infection and which usually causes death. A person can contract AIDS if his or her bodily fluids (Rx) come into contact with the bodily fluids of someone else who is infected with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Infection with HIV does not necessarily mean that a person has AIDS, although people who are HIV-positive are mistakenly said to have AIDS. Some people who have HIV infection may not develop AIDS for ten years or more. Persons having multiple sexual relationships and users of drugs are at risk of developing this disease. As a preventive measure, a person should refrain from having sexual relations with many people. Persons having HIV in their blood should not donate blood and while pushing injection disposable syringe should be used. More than 50% of the persons who get AIDS will die. There is no specific treatment of this disease and prevention is the only way to remain free from this curse.

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The abbreviated wood ‘AIDS’ expressed ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’. AIDS is a deadly disease. Death is the only finishing of this disease. Scientists couldn’t invent medicine to cure it. AIDS is a contagious disease. So it passes from one person to another by touch. We always should avoid those who possess HIV virus in their blood. Normally an HIV virus can stay among the five hundred smallest units of a human being. But more than one HIV in the 500 smallest unit is called AIDS. The density of HIV is caused by the disease. AIDS is the constructed form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. According to some American doctors, AIDS is the greatest gambling in medical science. They wanted to say that AIDS is not really a disease. And a person who possesses HIV he will live like the person who does not possess it. We should serve our life in a religious way to keep safe from AIDS.
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