Paragraph : A Martyr of Liberation War

A Martyr of Liberation War

Abdul Malek, my younger uncle, was martyred in the Liberation War. He was a young boy of 15 years a student of Class VII. He was a common boy of a village without any political background. In April 1971, we witnessed the stream of homeless people going to India. Situated near the border-line of India, our village became a resting place of border crossing people. My uncle heard from them about the oppression of the Pakistani army and their collaborators, and so, he went to fight against the killers. He was killed in a face to face attack in Kolaroa in Satkhira. The enemy surrounded a group of freedom fighters. They fought for about a week. Then their drinking water was finished. All freedom fighters were very thirsty. So, my uncle just started firing to make a passage to go out for water but he was shot. However, they killed most of the enemies by a suicidal attack with a grenade. Freedom fighters successfully occupied their shelter at the cost of my uncle’s life. I am proud of my uncle.
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