Paragraph : Autumn


The autumn is one of the six seasons of Bangladesh. It is a pleasant season in our country. This season comes to us as a relief from the scorching heat and torrential rain. This season covers the months of September and October when nature looks fresh and bright. In the autumn the duration of day and night is almost equal. It is the harvesting season in some countries of the world. But in Bangladesh, the autumn is a season of want and scarcity of food. The fields look green with standing crops on them. During the autumn the north-west wind blows. The morning is sometimes full of mists. Patches of white clouds are seen floating in the sky. The full moon shines brightly at night and bathes the whole nature in her soothing silvery light. Different kinds of flowers bloom and bees hum around them. The setting sun paints the western horizon in different colours and offers a charming sight. In fact, the sights and sounds of nature in the autumn are very charming.
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