Paragraph : Travelling


Travelling means going from one place to another to see and learn more and more. We travel for education, business, pleasure, etc. Curiosity leads men to travel from one place to another. Travelling has great educative value. It is a part and parcel of education. It teaches a man better than books. Bookish knowledge is incomplete. Travelling completes it. Travelling enables the human being to see things with his own eyes. It turns knowledge into personal experience. A traveller can observe for himself the manners and customs, socio-economic and religious systems, trade and commerce of the different nations of the world. Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.) told his followers to go even to distant China to acquire knowledge and experience. It helps us to learn the language of other countries. Travelling breaks the monotony of life and fills the mind with joy. Traveling gives us the opportunity to make the best use of eyes to see, ears to hear and mind to cherish for learning. It teaches us to bear hardship. Travelling is good training for success in the struggle of life.
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