Paragraph : Truthfulness


Truthfulness is a great virtue. A man who always speaks the truth is a truthful man. Everybody believes a truthful man and he is liked by all. Truthfulness is praised in all the religions. Our prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) was very popular for his truthfulness from his early childhood and was called as “Al-Amin” which means truthful. A truthful man is loved not only by Allah but also by his companions around him. A truthful man is trusted by all. As a truthful student is faithful to his teachers, so a truthful shopkeeper is to his customers. Thus a truthful man working any sector of the society is faithful to his circles. Truthfulness brings success and popularity for a man. All the people respect him for his truthfulness and go to him for solving any dispute. As truthfulness is a great virtue, we should cultivate this virtue from the early stage of our life.
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