Paragraph : The Event I Still Remember

The Event I Still Remember

The event I still remember is the event of my first admission to a school. I used to feel unhappy when I found my playmates going to school. I was wistfully looking forward to the day when I would go with them. At last, the desired day come and it was the 2nd January 1990. At 9.00a.m. I had my bath and meals and put on my best clothes. My father took me to primary school in the neighbouring village and met the Headmaster. He asked me a few questions which I replied. According to his advice, my father got me admitted to class one. The Headmaster was very affectionate to me. He took me into the room for class one and introduced me to the teacher and the students. I had many known faces in the class. All the students accepted my very cordially. I felt a new pulsation of life which I shall never forget and this event will remain ever fresh in my memory.
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