Paragraph : The Life of a Tokai

The Life of a Tokai

A ‘tokai’ is a boy of the street. He has no definite place of residence. He has no parents or relatives, nor has he any definite means of livelihood. He looks dirty in torn and patched up clothes. A tokai roams about in the streets picking torn papers and other refuse and sells them to those who need them. Thus he makes his both ends meet. Sometimes a number of tokais gather together and play about in the streets. Tokais pass their nights on the verandas of shops, on the pavements of streets, on the railway's platform or on whatever place becomes available for them. This is the way of their life which is dull and colourless. They are care-free and are not moved by any thought about the future. But sometimes they figure very importantly when the political parties hire them to join their processions. It is a social responsibility to work for setting up these rootless boys in life.
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