Paragraph : Environmental Disasters

Environmental Disasters

Environmental disasters occur in Bangladesh very frequently. Sometimes they occur without any link with the season. That is why it is called a land of environmental disasters. Bangladesh lies in the tropical region and almost every year cyclones and storms hit her. Intense heat causes depression in the Bay of Bengal. These disasters cause immense suffering to the people of Bangladesh. The common natural disasters are flood, cyclone, storm, heavy downpour, drought, etc. Flood has become almost an annual affair. The rivers overflow their banks and destroy the crops, lives, and properties. Cyclones and storms are always severe in nature. They mainly attack off-shore islands and the mainland of Bangladesh. They sweep away all belongings. Heavy downpour also destroys crops. It brings untold sufferings for men. Drought causes damage to crops almost every year. The chopping of trees and less rainfall are the main reasons for drought. It is really difficult to prevent environmental disasters. We can hardly do much against these. The suffering people of our country can only make up the loss. They are brave enough to face all these natural disasters. The government has many duties to perform. It can reduce the intensity of the damage by giving warnings at proper times. The weather forecast can reduce the miseries of the people of the affected areas. More shelters in the off-shore islands must be built. Mass awareness should be created. The government must render help and co-operation for mitigating the loss caused by environmental disasters.
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