Paragraph : Surrender of Pakistani Army

Surrender of Pakistani Army

The Indian troops and the freedom fighters of No. 11 Sector reached Tongi on 14 December and Savar in the morning of 16 December. Major General Jamshed, Commander 36 Division of the Pakistan Army received major General Nagra at Mirpur Bridge near Dhaka City. The Mukti Bahini and the Indian Forces entered Dhaka city at 10:10 am. Major General Jacob, the Chief of Staff of the Indian Eastern Command landed at Dhaka airport at 1:00 pm with the draft instrument of surrender. A fleet of helicopters landed on the tarmac of Dhaka airport at about 4:00 pm with Lieutenant General Aurora and his staff. Group Captain AK Khandaker, Deputy Chief of Staff, Bangladesh Forces represented the Mukti Bahini. Lieutenant General AAK Niazi received Lieutenant General Aurora. The instrument of Surrender was signed by Lieutenant General Jaggit Sing Aurora and Lieutenant General Niazi at the Ramna Rececourse (now Suhrawardy Uddyan) at one minute past 5:00 pm on 16 December 1971. 
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