Paragraph : My Best Friend and Myself

My Best Friend and Myself

Alim is my best friend. He always keeps his commitment. He is a brilliant student. He is not selfish at all. This quality of Alim’s impresses me very much because most friendship is formed with some interest. But there are some differences between my best friend and me. My best friend, Alim lives in a village. But I am living in the capital city. He comes from a poor family. But I born in a rich and respectable Muslim family. I am fond of collecting stamps and play indoor game like chess. While Alim is fond of playing football game and other outdoor games. On the contrary, there are some specific similarities between my best friend and me. Both of us are devoted to our studies. We never tell a lie neither plays false with others. We offer salat to the Almighty Allah timely and regularly. We are fond of doing recreational activities like gardening, angling, watching television, attending debate competition, etc. We never disobey our superiors rather we always try to follow their instructions and advice. We are also fond of travelling and visiting new places and things. However, I like my friend very much as he keeps his word. 
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