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Paragraph : Aluminium and Copper

Aluminium and Copper

Aluminium and Copper are very useful metals in our everyday life. Aluminium is a silvery light and malleable metallic element resistant to tarnishing by air. It is a fairly strong metal. It is a good conductor. It is not costly. It is fairly cheap. In addition, it is fairly low resistance. That is why it is not as strong as iron. But one thing is very praiseworthy with aluminium and that is, its corrosion resistance is very high. Another important matter to mention here is that it is not very easy to solder. Copper, on the other hand, is malleable red-brown metallic elements used especially for electrical wiring and in alloys. It is not very light but strong. It is a very good conductor. It is not costly. But it is not very cheap either. Its power of resistance is very low, but its corrosion resistance power is fairly high. It is very easy to solder. However, between these two metals, there are some dissimilarities but these dissimilarities are not poled apart. 

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