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Paragraph : Streets of Dhaka

Streets of Dhaka

Nowadays the streets of Dhaka have become a topic of discussion. Dhaka is a very old city. It was made the capital of Subeh Bangla during the Mughal period. Lalbagh Fort, Islampur Road, Choto Katra, Boro Katra bear testimony to the Mughal rule. But the streets of old Dhaka are narrow and zigzag. There are some streets which are hardly a few feet wide. Now of the streets are straight and wide. This speaks of the absence of town planning in those days. But quite the contrary are the streets of the new part of the city in which the streets and houses have been built according to a plan. So the streets are broad and straight and there are trees on the sides. But one thing is common about the streets of both the parts of the city and it is the jam. Almost day and night the streets of Dhaka remain crowded with people and vehicles. Sometimes during business hours, the streets of Dhaka are so crowded that vehicles stand still for a long time.

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