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Paragraph : The Queue for Flood Relief

The Queue for Flood Relief

During and after a flood the affected people come crowding to the Relief Camps and stand in a queue to receive whatever shares of the relief materials may be in store for them. The queue for flood relief is a pathetic sight to see. It is a queue of the people whom flood has made destitute. On the queue, one can find men and women of all age groups. The number of children- boys and girls- is also remarkable. Most of them are ill-clad and half-fed. The half-clad and famished mothers with equally famished and naked children on their laps as well as the deplorable tale of what flood has done to them. The relief-givers, by and large, are probably disposed of more to make publicity of the banner they unfurl than to give sincere service to the depressed people. Moreover, most of the time, their stock proves too inadequate to distribute for the queue. For this, at one stage, the distribution abruptly stops, and the deprived persons leave the queue cursing their lot being utterly frustrated.

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