Paragraph : Science and Humanity

Science and Humanity

It is often necessary to analyze the impact of science on humanity. Many wonders have been achieved by science. The advances in science are truly breathtaking. It touches everyone in everyday life. Man is now living in the era of science. Without science, we would have none of the modern comforts and luxuries. Science has changed the complexion of the world. But science has many dark aspects. It is not an unmixed blessing. It has brought misery to humanity. Science has immense destructive power. It has the power to demolish the world in a moment. If the man is proud of the former, he cannot avoid the shame of the latter. Science can give many things and can also spoil many things. It has the most dangerous effect on human life. Man’s emotions have been standardized to suit the requirement of an age of science. His thoughts and ideas have become more mechanical and less human. His inner world is suppressed by the outer. But science is neutral enough to permit an aristocracy- any social system based on any set of values to use it. Different systems may limit its growth differently. It is not an enemy of humanity. Man needs science because the purpose of science is not to disturb life, but to develop it with its creative faculties.
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