Paragraph : Superstition


Superstition is a queer concept. It forms in a certain condition in the human mind. Unreasonable fear of different elements and rigid faith in witchcraft, ghosts, and various evil forces are called superstition. It dominates and paralyzes the power of reasoning and rationality of man. No rational explanation is possible for it. Superstition comes mainly out of ignorance. Orthodoxy and conservatism are responsible for it. The shooting of an owl, the sound of a cricket, the groaning of dogs, and untimely sneezing of a cow or a man, etc. make superstitions people panicky. The effects of superstition are terrible. A superstitions person suffers physically and mentally without any reason. He cannot prosper in life. In fact, superstition is harmful to human civilization. But this is an age of science. Science has taught the man to think rationally. So, the man should give up superstitions and cherish reasonable ideas in this age of modern civilization.
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